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UiPath Test Suite

Introduction UiPath has formally entered the Test Automation market with a collection of testing tools held together in its very Testing Suite. Uipath Testing Suite Overview   UiPath Test Automation 1 Page Overview Please click here for a test automation overview    

Using Forms just a whole lot easier with UiPath

UiPath New Forms Activity Coming release (Oct 2019) of UiPath will have a Form WYSIWIG editor. This can simplify any data entry task, without rebuilding an application. How many data entry screens do you have with 30 input fields and yet only 10 are ever used. Simplify and improve productivity with UiPath. Embed video from […]

Value of using low-cost virtual robots to automate mundane processes is easy to calculate with new online tool

ONQU Solutions, the business transformation consultancy, today launches a free, online Process Cost Calculator. The calculator is designed to help an organisation evaluate the true cost, particularly the personnel cost, of running a repeating internal process, as a precursor to assessing the value of automating that process. The output of the calculator, as well as […]

What is a manual process costing your organisation?

Complete the Process Cost Calculator and find out What are Processes costing your organisation in terms of lost productivity, wasted budget, delayed response times and non-compliance? The UK’s Productivity Gap In the UK there is a fundamental issue with productivity. Whilst hourly rates and salaries have stagnated, organisations have relied on human power to deliver […]

Selenium Compared to LEAPWORK – What is the Difference?

Selenium versus LEAPWORK – Why invest LEAPWORK instead of Selenium Open Source for Automated Testing? Selenium is recognised as one of the leading testing tools in the world due to its Open Source Developed Credentials and it’s longevity having started life in 2004. But how does is compare to the next generation of Test Automation […]