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Business Analysis

To deliver change, transform and modernise an organisational structure, the supporting business model first needs to be defined and reviewed.

ONQU help organisations define and confirm the most suitable architecture or solution based on defined business metrics and the future roadmap of the business. These drivers are typical to many organisations such as to:

  • Remove Technical Debt 
  • Improve Processes and Workflow
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve operations and productivity
  • Tighten security
  • Speed up project delivery

This ensures that the new business model is supported by technology that is flexible to support future changes to the organisation without the restriction of any technical limitation.

By capturing the business requirements in detail first allows decisions to be taken based upon factual information. Real actual data is then used to future-proof the design, organisations can respond and adapt to market changes more adeptly. Agility is the key to coping with future stress allowing change to be delivered faster with minimal disruption and utilising prior investments through integration rather than the traditional ‘rip and replace’ model.

Business ‘User’ Analysisonqu, business solutions, Agile, Lean, Kanban

Business Users are key in helping to deliver change and understanding a business function and how it can be improved requires the ability to engage with the user and ask the right questions and the right time. ONQU consultants tend to work through processes with the users to map out how the interactions currently operate and how they could be improved.

ONQU has a number of tools and uses workshops to engage the user community in the first instance to walk and talk through the business model and processes to identify where and organisation is and what business area’s are operating within the organisational structure.

Typically organisations have successful areas of the business and other departments that need help or are not supported by the technology either through lack of investment or that the business model they operate has not developed in line with market changes.

Once the Business Analysis phase has been undertaken a fuller understanding on where an organisation can be communicated and then a plan can developed allowing a focus to be applied on the areas where energy can be applied and invested to maximise the return.

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