ONQU Business Services

ONQU provides a range of business services that improve organisations from an operational and delivery perspective. These include:

  1. Business Process Automation fast track Pilots and Projects
  2. Invoice Automation  
  3. Migration and Upgrade Automation 
  4. IT Support Automation
  5. 24×7 Offshore, OnShore Managed Services, Remote DBA Support
  6. Automation process candidate Identification and selection with ROI
  7. Automated Data Collection and Reporting Automation
  8. ERP and Accounts Payable Automation
  9. Remote DBA support 

This list is not exhaustive and many of the services meet with or complement current business drivers such as:

  1. Increasing productivity
  2. Reducing headcount
  3. Improving customer experience and service
  4. Meeting compliance rules and regulations
  5. Enabling 100% Accuracy 
  6. Providing straight-through processing for invoicing and other processes
  7. Capturing data from multiple sources and creating reports and management information

If you require further information or would like to talk to one of our directors or senior solutions specialists please contact the ONQU offices using the form below.