RPA benefits

Robotic Process Automation is delivering a wide range of benefits to organisational processes for improving and increasing:

  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Reducing complexity
  • Compliance adherence
  • Cost control

Many organisations have technical debt and legacy systems that rely on an individuals skills and expertise to capture the result. Time and effort must be spent in following the process and many of these steps can tedious, time-consuming and prone to errors.

With RPA we work from the premise that if a warm bodies person can work through a process and successfully arrive at the required result, however complex, we can automate that process and arrive at the same result. We can run that process again and again over 24*7 allowing the person operating the process to manage exceptions or more difficult human interactive work.

Does RPA Sound Interesting or feels like a good idea?

if you feel that RPA is something that you can benefit from ONQU is offering, following qualification, a free funded engagement where your organisation can choose a target process and ONQU will automate it and playback the automation to show how the process works and the efficiencies that can be gained.

To apply for funding please complete the ONQU Process Cost Calculator here


RPA can help organisations in a number of ways and in certain area’s can significantly improve a business process and workstream. To find out how RPA works and how it can help you please contact ONQU.