moodle supoort hosting

Moodle Uplift Consultancy and 24*7 Support

The Moodle Learning Management System is an open-source platform used by many educational establishments in the UK.

With the recent Covid19 Lockdown requiring both students and lecturers to work remotely. Many Moodle systems are now having to contend with increased users, be always-on, and if there is a problem have access to 24*7 support.

Organisations operating Moodle, have to ensure that responses and fixes are fast and that any disruption to learning is minimised. This is causing a major problem and many organisations are asking the following questions. How can we:

  1. Scale our current Moodle environment
  2. Upgrade our Moodle infrastructure  
  3. Migrate to the cloud or Moodle hosting
  4. Make your environment highly available, resilient and always on
  5. Cluster your databases and spread the workload
  6. Performance and Gain efficiencies 
  7. Develop and implement new functionality

As the required number of open connections to the system is creating performance issues and as Moodle is a key delivery platform of educational services any outage or disruption significantly impacts the working environment for both staff and students.

Moodle Services

To remedy this ONQU is able to help move organisations from a lower volume lower specification platform to an upgraded high-performance solution with inbuilt scalability, high resilience and disaster recovery.

Moodle Services Include:

  • Platform migration
  • Database Platform Uplift for scale and high availability
  • MYSQL Database Clustering
  • Development
  • Patching
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability Configurations
  • Consultancy
  • Technical Training
  • 24*7 UK Onshore and Offshore cost-effective support

Whilst this list is not exhaustive it does provide an overview of how ONQU can provide support services to educational establishments operating Moodle as their strategic platform.

Moodle Support Summary

Many educational organisations have had to place Moodle at their centre of their students learning experience investment is required to ensure that Moodle is fully operational and can take the extra user load (both students, teachers and lecturers) 24 hours a day.

For further information on the type of work and the size of clients, ONQU is working with please contact the ONQU offices to discuss your requirements or ask any questions that you may have.