The ChallengeThe client was a recruitment and resourcing consultancy that had successfully won a tender to provide specialist staff via a NHSP Portal jobs and shift booking system to a large Group of NHS and Public Sector Healthcare organisations.

Unfortunately the delivery mechanism used an older technology website and booking system that made the booking process a very long winded with multiple steps and meant that the client spent many hours of effort with little or no success due to the user process and systems interaction.

ONQU undertook a discovery workshop, reviewed and then mapped the business process with success criteria as defined by the client.  Using a scorecard approach ONQU identified a solution using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and trialed a number of RPA products resulting in the selection of UiPath for a Pilot to test the booking process against.

The RPA solution would log on to the booking system at regular intervals including after midnight using the clients credentials, it would follow a search pattern to identify new shifts, match the shift times and skills with candidates who were available from a separate data source and then once matched book the person in to the shift.

Having failed to book any shifts and get any meaningful traction previously, the client was overwhelmed to automatically achieve numerous bookings and significantly increased their revenue by making a number of placements.

The solution provided by ONQU is suitable for any organisation that requires multiple booking of diary slots, matching candidates to dates and times and comparing available skills against available resources.

For a conversation about a process or business issue that you feel might benefit from RPA please contact the ONQU Offices [email protected]

Project deliverables

  • Workshops

    Delivered a series of workshops for identifying process work streams so that hey could be identified

  • Process Review

    Reviewed Data captured in Workshops and provided Subject Matter Advice and guidence

  • Fixed Price Time and Budget

    Delivered on a fixed price time and budget delivery schedule

  • Saved Significant Time and Resources

    Automated Scheduling on a bi-hourly basis interrogating candidates skills and matching them to shifts.

  • Proof of Value POC

    Developed a Proof of Value minimal viable solution that was tested against requirements and results. Quickly confirmed a positive value outcome and that the process could be automated successfuly before the full investment was made.


ONQU identified the process flow that was involved in delivering the desired outcome and mapped each stage of the process to provide a full understanding of what was involved.

Once mapped ONQU developed a recording of the process using UiPath and delivered a polling routine to select shifts against available candidates and their skill sets.

The results were highly successful enabling a number of shifts to be booked on a daily basis and all completed automatically.

I was extremely please with the result and outcome of this exercise and speed at which ONQU professionally scoped the process and automated it. The solution has increased the number shifts we can book on a daily basis significantly whilst at the same time maintaining accuracy.  I would not hesitate to recommend ONQU Solutions for Robotic Process Automation Recruitment Projects.

Owner Managing DirectorHealthcare Recruitment Company