Having prepared our website for total Search Engine Optimisation I noticed that the key phrases that were most regularly used for searching were Automated Testing and Test Automation.

So wondering if those web researchers were looking for the same thing or were they looking for different topics and subjects, I felt some clarity was needed. Before I entered the wonderful new world of non manual testing, I was also confused. Surely Test Automation and Automated Testing are the same thing, well actually no they are not.

Test Automation is a testing framework that provides structure to the testing cycle and internal processes used to deliver systems updates and new code releases. It can form part of a Continuous Delivery and Release Model that can be structured to integrate into Agile Delivery, Quality Assurance and Development. It will include both Automated testing and Manual Testing using a range of tools and techniques to deliver accurate and meaningful test results.

Using the obtained results as evidence, the Testing Framework can be continuously improved and adapted as new techniques, new tools and testing workflows are implemented. By capturing the data and responses at key times, Testing and Quality Assurance managers can make accurate predictions and calls on how testing is performing and make necessary changes where appropriate.

Automated Testing is the act of automating the repetitive tasks undertaken traditionally by a human tester. By automating the testing cycle the tests can be repeated again and again without making the errors that occasionally human testers will make when faced with a mountain of tests, too little time and too much else to concentrate on.

By automating tests to run overnight, any defects are highlighted first thing in the morning ready for prompt action. This in turn improves the quality of the software development cycle taking pressure off the development teams, enabling them to get on with the next sprint, rather than getting interrupted by failed test and users wanting ‘bug fixes’ completed now.

The world of testing is changing constantly with new developments especially around Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. It is important that Test Automation plays a central role in any organisation wanting to transform their delivery capability and improve the quality of the software and code outputs. Automated Testing will help as part of an overall Test Automation strategy.

If anyone would like further clarity or a quick demo on the power of Test Automation we can show examples of what is possible with a quick demonstration of LEAPWORK the next generation of Test Automation that uses visual workflow rather than coding to create a defined Test Automation framework that includes Automated Testing.

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