Introduction to Automation and Testing

Testing Automation and Automated testing provide software and systems developers with an accelerated and defined model that enables faster and more accurate testing.

RPA based testing delivers a core function of Agile software delivery in that testing can be performed as an on-going, daily or nightly process with bugs presented at set times and shared with the development teams.

This approach prevents ‘Fix Creep’  where the next 2-week sprint is hampered by a constant drip of bug fixing and drawing on the new sprint development time where developers have to return to the old code of the previous sprint.

Daily automated cycles of testing identify issues throughout the period, find problems sooner and help to maintain the velocity of the work schedule.

ONQU can help identify which solution is best for an organisation either a pure testing Automation product like LEAPWORK or using an integrated RPA tool such as UiPath’s Test Suite.

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